12:AM Clothing: Demystifying the Night

South Florida isn’t only about sun and fun, there’s also the enigmatic aura of its nightlife. 12:AM is a Miami based clothing brand that demystifies the quandary of the region’s nightlife. They represent themselves as a prismatic storybook that narrates the eclectic personas found in Miami’s night scene.

Miami-based creative, Countess Brown, more famously known as “coun.tess” is the virtuoso behind 12:AM. The brand’s namesake is as much of a salute to her history as it is a clue in to the inner workings of her persona. Born at 12 A.M, Brown is a creature of the night. She thrives during the hours that most are sleeping. Being a nightcrawler, she is adept in all facets of it, an element that doesn’t go unnoticed with her designs. Her clothing is an exhibition of opulent illustrations that voyage through the climate of her surroundings. Brown has designed several bodysuits and two pieces for her collection. This isn’t your average, run-of-the mill, “maybe I’ll stay home and chill”, clothing brand. If you’re wearing a piece from 12:AM, you’re doing it because you want the attention you know their pieces rightly deserve.

Her “BULT SUIT” swimwear collection is a showcase of this. This collection is a callback to the treacherous Hurricane Irma. During the night of the storm, Brown caught sight of a rare occurrence during hurricanes, a lightning bolt. Drawing inspiration from this sighting, Brown implemented it into her work. A volley of bright, neon green lightning strikes illuminates the design, available in two colors: hot pink and black. The color scheme and artwork speak to the essence of Brown’s being: she is made from the night and her bright character illuminates it.

All of the pieces from 12:AM are handmade by Brown. She learned her talent through the hands of her grandmother who taught her to sew. Brown has grown to become a monarch in her artistry, rising as a fashion designer at a meteoric pace. Her next step as a designer is to delve further into the world of men’s fashion, teasing a late spring release for her exclusive men’s collection.

-Idora Yasin


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