8103 Clothing: Keeping Memories Alive

Imagine what the trials of adversity can bloom into. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, 8103 Clothing is an exhibition of the beauty of what can sprout from the afflictions of life.

The company’s name is a compound of the years 1981 and 2003. They hold a considerable amount of significance to Mark Braddock, the owner of 8103 Clothing. These years mark the life and death of his older brother, who passed away from a lethal drug overdose. The tragedy of his brother’s passing sparked a rage within Braddock. Rather than traversing down a destructive path from his anger, he chose to use his energy towards a better cause that would celebrate and eternalize his older brother’s memory. Thus became 8103 Clothing.

8103 Clothing is a brand for the streetwise and swag-heavy. Their collection of shirts, hats, outerwear and shorts are a flex of Braddock’s sense of style and creativity. What 8103 Clothing does so well is step out from the usual tedium of styles when it comes to their designs. Braddock’s command of fashion sense is fully realized with his artwork. He’s a jack of all trades and wants his brand to be accessible as such. 8103 Clothing’s collection of shirts showcases this the most, exhibiting the largest range of designs. The creative spectrum of artwork ranges from pop culture, hometown pride and original pieces crafted by Braddock. Some standout pieces from their collection are the “Vacation Stripes” shirt, which sharply executes a minimal design that dashes on a colorful bouquet of flowers with the 8103 logo centered on the shirt’s front. It’s a design that’s current to the times but also enduring to the ever-changing nature of fashion. The clothing line’s champion piece is their “Memory OG” shirt, available in black or white. It’s a discernible tribute from Braddock to his brother that allows everyone to celebrate his life.

8103 Clothing is a commemoration of everything important to Braddock: His city, his passions, and his family.. For the past sixteen years, 8103 Clothing has served as Northern Florida’s leading authority of hometown pride and is a salute to the region’s jazzy culture. 8103 Clothing is Braddock’s vestige of the tenacity his brother’s passing impressed upon him. As 8103 Clothing continues to grow as a brand, it stands as a reminder that life is one the most precious things we should celebrate.

-Idora Yasin


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