Aysha Miskin: A Journey to Change Art & Its Perspective

It is safe to say that the majority, if not every person you know has encountered or been challenged with the opportunity to be create. Nowadays, our creativity and understanding of art is a piece of our daily lives and often presented in various ways. Through our fashion and styles, we have the chance to always express ourselves uniquely. Yet amid this growing digital era, social media often allows people to show the world who they are or at least want to be.

Today, there are apps to help us edit our pictures in certain tones and shades, fix our Instagram feed set ups, design our Tumblr pages and edit our Tweet orders. It is impossible to deny that these social media standards and ideals often cause us to judge or become attracted to certain crowds and groups. I could even personally admit that a page which better fits my aesthetical likings and interests will get a follow faster than a page that is more random and less structural. For that reason, when I clicked on the link to Aysha Miskin’s page I did not know what to expect.

Aysha Miskin, creatively Aysha Star hails from Duval County, Jacksonville, FL. A now growing melting pot for artists in different fields from those I have met and heard from but from personal account cannot deeply explain. Nevertheless, in searching Miskin’s Instagram page I was dumbfounded with the beauty of her work. Illustrations of interestingly shaped, vividly colored women in awkwardly, flowy poses. As her personal page states, “Aysha’s art is an exploration of intricate line work with a concentration on unique imagery and characters.” A post from June 6th allowed me to visualize just that in a colorful display of what seemed to me like two women with unruly hair in forefront of an abstract collaging background that gives off a similar Picasso and Dali sentiment in my eyes.

Her work is more than just women; drawings of cartoonish chairs, hairy and funny looking men and sketched drawings of pizza, peachy cut off hands and pastel bones are only a few of the works on her page. Her blog is all white colored background yet, these drawings pop and come to life. The eyes of her female characters easily give off the badass, imaginative female image of the spirit of difference for who we are. After all, this artist’s aim in the unconventional and variance in her image only allows me to further understand how to view the messages each person has on their page through their posts.


INSTAGRAM @ayshastar

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