Baby G “Obvious” Directed by 86obi

Baby G has been entirely too cool for the rest of us for quite some time. Even before his buzz began rising, his star mentality and relentless work ethic separated him from the pack of other south Florida artists on the rise. He’s been on pace to spike for the past year as his stock continues to rise and he keeps pounding hits in our face.

“Obvious” is the latest to catch our eyes and ears as Baby G mocks those who doubt him and don’t believe in his talents. To him, it’s obvious he should be on top of the rap game.

I’m a huge fan of his artist evolution and how he continues to carve out his own lane and simply be himself through it all. The visual for “Obvious” is another party-style video with a huge crowd surrounding the rapper as he chants his lyrics for the gang in a warehouse. Director 86obi captures a super clean and crisp visual layered with colorful skull imagery throughout to spice it up. The edits are perfectly chopped to make you feel every hard-hitting bang of the beat with a new clip to keep you on your toes. Despite the terrific direction of 86boi, it’s Baby G’s charismatic and animated presence that takes over and has you engaged. I get early Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot vibes when I watch him perform as if he’s a character out of a comic book rather than just another rapper.


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