Betty Dawl “MYLKSHAKE” Directed by Brick Creative

Betty Dawl, the Florida based singer, songwriter, and producer has tapped into her scene of astral punks to deliver a hypnotizing video for the track “MYLKSHAKE.” 

With a team of creatives styling her eccentrically colored outfit and tailoring her long, intricate nails, the singer positions herself in the middle of a Tampa tennis court to score shots with the ethereal lines of this pothead anthem. Dawl is revered as one one of the front runners in the Bay’s electrically tantalizing (and slightly bizarre) scene of young creatives and shows off with her team behind her in the sunset lit visual. 

The song itself is simple and mainly repeats a few lines about thick smoke pouring out of her bong. She sings with a high pitched, lovey dovey voice but shows off her in-your-face swagger by utilizing close up shots of her grilled out teeth and one of one outfit. She also repeats the line “i’ll be home next week” which likely references the out of body experience brought on by ripping bongs and performing songs.

This video’s best feature is the assembly of punks lining up in the background, also sporting funky outfits and dancing to their leader’s vocal melodies. Each has their own aesthetic, and none match one another, which shows how unique Tampa’s art community is in style and personal suaveness. 

Each contributor is listed in the song’s credits which also shows how lucrative people’s passions can be. Supporting such projects with something as specific as nails or lighting proves that your niche passion can also serve as a legitimate career and help support the community as a whole as Tampa continues to rise to prominence. 

Check out Dawl’s video for “MYLKSHAKE” and treat yourself to the entrancing music that she continues to put out in support of our creative community.


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