Black Bee Honey: Impacting the Communities Near and Far

Locally-sourced quality honey is not easy to find in the neighborhood of Parramore, Orlando. No Whole Foods, Publix or even a Wal-Mart so the need was there. The youth at the Parramore Kidz Zone took the opportunity to capitalize and began their own honey business.

Being able to source and sell locally has added benefits to their community of Parramore. Instilling this sort of business model in these young businessmen and women is essential as they can carry this moving forward. Above all, this allows their local economy to build and benefit from their business. They sell specifically at the Parramore Farmers Market.

The Honey

Bees have been on a steady decline in population over the past few years. Now more than ever, it has become necessary for honey makers to provide sustainable conditions for bees to live, and create honey. The partnership with Dadant & Sons has allowed Black Bee Honey the ability to do just that. Dadant & Sons has been around since the late 1800’s and are experts in the field of beekeeping. The flavors they create from the harvested honey is as follows:

Palmetto: Full-bodied honey, with hints of citrus and smokey-wood overtones, is sweet and fruity.

Orange Blossom: With subtle fragrance and taste of the citrus flowers used to make it. This flavor is also packed with natural antioxidants and immune boosting properties.

Wildflower: A heavy and sweet combination of wildflowers brings this dark amber honey to life. The mix of floral nectar adds potential health benefits including suppressing allergic reactions.

Gallberry: This mild, light honey, with hints of molasses and sorghum, is a perfect table honey or used in baking.

The Process

Black Bee Honey is a business founded by the youth for the youth, and does wonders to give back to the community. Besides providing great tasting honey to their community, they are also building entrepreneurial skills in these young adults. According to one of the hard working teens, Ronesha Lowman, “At Black Bee Honey I learned that it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it. When people look into me for future opportunities, they will see the work I’ve done, and this will give them a positive perception of me as a businesswoman.”

It is important to highlight Parramore Kidz Zone as one of the main contributing factors to this business being a possibility. Dating back to 2006, this initiative created by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer to help Parramore youth become successful, healthy and well-educated adults. The organization uses youth development programs, mentoring opportunities for the youth, college access assistance, job placement, and many more goal oriented objectives with the youth in mind.

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