Blue November “Sunday” Directed by Maicho Stilo

Blue November’s track “Sunday” is a stoner anthem, with deeper undertones than the conventionally shallow lyrics found in these types of tracks. Blue November shows his ability to bounce back and forth between a smooth, hip-hop flow and a melodic chorus. His style reminds me of the younger, underdeveloped Kid Cudi before he became a huge star. I was impressed with Blue November and his wavy flow over a chill, ambient boom-bap beat produced by Little Island. There is a lot of potential embedded throughout this song, and that generates excitement for where Blue November takes his career next.

The music video, shot and edited by Maicho Stilo, runs a perfect tandem with the vibe of the track. There are plenty of smoky, steady moving shots of Blue November rapping, with intercuts of grainy, underdeveloped home-video stylized shots. This adds to the stoned-out vibe and makes Blue November look like an underground artist whose only one hit away from extreme fandom. This visual aesthetic can typically be overdone and oversaturated in many music videos, but it added a lot to the overall theme in this case.

Blue November has a specific charisma and distinctive style that immediately gravitates listeners toward him. He seems to naturally have a smooth demeanor, which could open some R&B doors for him if he decides to take that route with future endeavors. In all, Blue November is a talented blend of old-school lyricism, and wavy, melodic singing and is bursting with an ample amount of potential.


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