Everything is Happening for South Florida Rapper Baby G

About two years ago, a creative named Gio, already well-known in modeling and on social media, began taking music seriously. Music had been there for G since the very beginning but once he began focusing on his personal vibe, the music began manifesting itself in him and their blessings manifested around him. This month, Baby G finished his first ever tour, wrapping up with a sold-out show in Broward.

He told Mieux, “I had been dropping music heavy for the past year and a half or so, but when I really started to just focus on myself and my story and getting my vision out to people, everything started to click. Fans began noticing that I put parts of myself in my music, and they started feeling me because they were getting a look into my side. When you talk to me, I just want to make sure my music gives the same vibe—I want my music to show what kind of person I am.”

G’s biggest goal with his music is making connections with his supporters and expressing his art, not generating clout. His support groups in South Florida have spread across the state proven by the energetic audiences turning up to his Sin tape and reaching out to him all throughout his tour experience.

“When people stop me after a show and tell me how much they dig my music, I really take the time to talk to them and let them know their support is appreciated. After I went on tour, I got to see everyone’s reactions to my music and how people in other cities were starting to feel my music. Once I realized that people outside of Broward actually do mess with me, when I was performing, I really tried to make connections with my music.”

As for what’s coming next for the South Florida native, he said he’s more than excited about the future. He’s currently sitting on a full mixtape called Everything is Happening as well as many other tracks awaiting the perfect moment to be dropped. The future is bright for Baby G, and Everything is Happening for him.

Photos by @bloodynxse & @ron_ronsonn

-McKenzie H.

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