Cafe Brazil Restaurant: Brazilian Cuisine Finds it’s Way to Ft. Myers

The idea of Brazil and the wonders it has to offer make it a place on earth like no other. Taking up most of South America, we find it as a blend between Latin and Portuguese culture. Their food represents this clash with dishes traditional to Portugal or native Brazil. Their flavors are high in seasoning and full of produce unique to their vast tropical country.

While in the US you may find a mix of food from various parts of the world. Some spots serving up more authentic flavors and styles than others. The one thing that keeps businesses like this going is just that: the authenticity. Typically, you have either native people looking for the taste and flavors of their home country, or people who have traveled and want to relive that experience.

Cafe Brazil Restaurant brings that idea and experience to Fort Myers. An authentic Brazilian cuisine location supported by a wave of locals and fun events. Most importantly, their menu is stacked and so is their events list. Also, Cafe Brazil Restaurant, offers events from live music to dance classes making this restaurant a sort of hub for all to enjoy.

The menu has plenty to offer for a wide variety of cravings. They have a few options for dining in as well; you can do buffet style, to go, or dine in. The prices are inexpensive and the owners have a special focus on sourcing ingredients and such as locally as possible. Above all, they attempt to stay true to their Brazilian routes and roots in all that they do.

Featured traditional Brazilian items:

Picanha: meat lovers indulge in a grilled top sirloin cap served on a sizzling skillet with a side of rice beans and yucca.

Moqueca: a Brazilian fish stew with cilantro, onions, garlic, tomatoes, coconut milk and peppers all served over rice.

Salpicao: this is essentially a chicken salad. Very flavorful and mixed with a helping of veggies to support the mix.

At Cafe Brazil Restaurant, you feel the sense of Brazil through the food and the great service they have to offer. With a price point and portion size in agreement, you will leave here satisfied and wanting more.

Address: 3940 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33916

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