Cosmella Sol “Pretti Lil Butterfli”

As Summer hits its peak, and you find yourself trying to take in the warmth and sunshine as much as possible, you have to find the right groove music to set the tone. Grooving, according to Tampa recording artist Cosmella Sol, is exactly what she wants you to get out of her music.

Cosmella just recently began her career as a singer, but already showcases a mellow confidence behind the mic. Proudly independent, she’s been using her Soundcloud page to deliver her audio art to the world— free to stream and free to share. Her tracks also deliver a wide range, and stretch from smoked out melodies to passionate love songs with Hip-Hop influenced instrumentals to match. Recently the artist released, “Pretti Lil Butterfli,” which delves into both and caters to these warm mornings and stormy Florida afternoons.

Sol uses a chill-wave instrumental that has a strong R&B influence to lay down her vocals over. She doesn’t overpower the track, but her vocals are clear and mixed to match the laid back tones she’s complementing. At times, she layers her dreamlike vocals to flaunt her range, but the track maintains a calm, cool vibe. Overall, it’s music to roll the windows down to, or to set as a backdrop for a night by the pool, while you watch heat lightning on one horizon and the sun setting on the other.

Cosmella wants her music to take you away, and she has enough out for you to test if it does. Give Tampa’s own a follow on Twitter and Soundcloud and stream “Pretti Lil Butterfli” as you continue to enjoy another blazing Summer in the South.


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