C$UPREME presents “The LOST EP”

The LOST EP is eerie and relaxing; a combination of mysterious distinction that proves how artists can combine natural flow with sounds of instrumentals. Submitted as the “rough draft”, I fell in love with how these three tracks were smooth and addicting. Artist C$UPREME, hailing from Tampa, uses his skills as an “effort to combine more personal lyrics with a unique style that my fans love.” He obviously does not fail to do this, beginning with his first song “Don’t Switch Up Freestyle”.

He gives an ode to change and people falling off as haters. Produced by DREAMR, the instrumental is slow and quiet, initially with a quiet bass ride reminding you of a mysterious scene in a magical or scary movie. His voice is steady but in perfect melody with the beat as he maintains a whisper that is natural and addicting. “Switch up on my flow but don’t switch on me.” His chants go off in to the verses that inspire the mood for the rest of the small EP with this transitioning into “Fiend and Fanatic!” produced by eemtriplin. Probably my favorite track, it brings nice vibes of chilling with the homies or relaxing. At first sounding like the lo-fi beat of the study and chill videos on Youtube, the mood is set with chorus and message… “Shawty is a fiend and a fanatic.” A perfect addition to the vibe of the tape and goal to show the uniqueness of his style.

“Highschool Freestyle” was the most energetic and shortest track on the tape. Tapping into the creativity of the producer HXXDIEBOY to manipulate the video game style of tape. I appreciated C$UPREME maneuvering on the beat; a low and steady voice raises where he showed how unique he is to his own music. After reading the description and seeing the Neo Japanese street style of the cover, I had certain assumptions on what I thought the “LOST” EP was going to sound like. I was definitely astonished by the sound and work of this artist, curious to hear what is coming next for him. 


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