DJ Evo Nuevo “Breakthrough Mix Vol. 1” Directed by Scotti Doyle

The “Breakthrough Mix Vol. 1” exactly fits the name given. It is innovative and similar to the styles of the club scenes in Tokyo Drift. It was fun and had its own Creole twist. Scotti Doyle used some dynamic camera techniques to spice things up. However, despite the stellar videography work, it is actually quite entertaining and amusing to simply watch DJ Evo Nuevo get into his zone as he runs through seven tracks in his list.

In its entirety, the mix lasts a little under twelve minutes, commencing with his unreleased track “Born from Immigrants.” It starts with a snippet of WFAA anchor, Alisha Laventure’s comments on President Trump’s opinion about Haitians from earlier this year. “My parents were born in Haiti. They immigrated to this country as children. They had nothing when they came here… My parents did this… and when you look at what they’ve managed to accomplish, there is no denying they are rock stars.”

As the mix enters its first minute, we are introduced to an arrange of bass drops and synthesized drums till the Maenad’s LSDXOXO comes in. It’s new and electric. The camera pans back and forth, sideways and diagonally to the swift movements of DJ Evo Nuevo at his table. Capturing the West Palm Beach scenery in the background, the shots are zoomed in and out some focused while others not. Definitely capturing the rhythm which proves to be “guided by God and the Beats” as this West Palm producer claims.

I was oddly surprised at the transition DJ Evo Nuevo was able to accomplish in making one go from a trance-like state to full-body movements that keep that Creole twist. As the mix nears its end, I noticed two important things; DJ Evo Nuevo never fails to maintain the energy of his music or bore you with the mix. If anything the most exciting points are with his own movements as they serve as proof that his music is come from the soul. 


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