The World’s Biggest Event: Earth Day

Florida might not be able to celebrate on April 22 within 60 or so years, some scientists say. The sunshine state may become the new Atlantis if there isn’t a serious stand against climate change. According to NASA, the sea has risen 9 inches in Key West over the past 100 years. The sea has risen 3 inches in Key West over the past 23 years. It’s not farfetched to predict that the coming decades will completely submerge Florida in the Atlantic.

As seawater begins to swell up into South Florida’s streets through storm drains and over seawalls, the proximity of climate change has never been more alarming. This Earth Day, do your part and start to preserve the planet we call home with these easy tips.

One word: REUSABLE! This word will be one of your best friends in the fight to save our planet. Help reduce the amount of plastic and trash that fills our oceans by switching to reusable items! Straws are some of the most common killers of marine life. By using reusable straws, both the plastic and the paper is no longer contributing to pollution.

You can save money with this, too! Why spend $28 on a 300-set of plastic silverware on Amazon that further trashes the Earth when you can spend $17 on a 300-set of bamboo silverware that’s totally biodegradable? Easy math, people. Save some money, save the world.

The easiest thing we can do to alleviate some abuse of the world is something that many overlook: RECYCLING! Be sure to find out what waste your city is able to recycle; most recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and metal. By simply separating these items from your trash and taking them to the closest recycling bin or plant, you are one step closer to ensuring the survival of our world.

Even little things like turning your engine off when you’re waiting to pick somebody up will be noticed by Mother Earth. Consider keeping a small trash bag in your car so there’s no need to throw litter out of the window. Even better, carpool to save gas and throw your trash away in your friend’s new car trash bag. Again, saving yourself some money. Think, people!

Most importantly, don’t be a dick to our planet. This is literally all we’ve got. Respect the living creatures trying to coexist with us, respect the landmarks that were here long before us and will be here after, though who knows how long. Don’t be one of the tourists that swarms the baby dolphin or photogenic seal on the beach, eventually killing them. Don’t throw your plastic cup out the window when you know you’ll see a recycling bin at your next stop.

Maybe even take some time to reconnect with nature. Go for a hike, spend a day at the beach and try to not scroll through your phone the whole time you’re there. It’s amazing how humbling basking in the natural beauty of our world is. And it’s amazing how easy it is to begin to save it.  

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