Featured Shoot of the Week: Rose Alexis presents “MASK OFF”

“The inspiration behind the shoot came from a few concept ideas Mariah Penascino shared with me. Individually, we both have been trying to be apart of a durag series for a while now. Also, I had a basketball concept in mind for Mariah for a min. So when she came to me, everything kind of just clicked. One thing led to another and with all of our creative juices flowing, we made some magic.

Let’s please give a shout out to Sascha Baines, the stylist for the shoot. In which, she did a remarkable job at it. I really had a blast directing, finding props and the location for this shoot. It is by far one of my favorites right now, if you ask me. 

I’ve been shooting for four months now. I kind of need y’all to take that in because this is just the beginning. I’m a college dropout, that’s currently unemployed, so all I’m doing right now is photography and in all honesty, I don’t do it for the money or clout. I do it because when my creativity speaks, people listen and if I can use that to make a difference, why not? You got black girls and boys who honestly feel like they are worth nothing more than what America paints them out to be and I’m here to inspire and create so that they know we are much more than that.

Also, I can’t forget about my family, they motivate me the most. All I want is for all of them to win and if that starts with me then let’s go!”


MODEL @mariahpenascino
STYLIST @saschabainess
PHOTOGRAPHER @shotbyspazgyal

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