Florida’s Rising Podcast Scene: Miami Edition

The trend is catching on… More and more people in the Sunshine State have begun podcasting their thoughts and their conversations. To keep up with the diversity of voices, I spoke to three of the most proficient podcasters in Miami to learn about their creative processes and major themes.

“Bridge The Gap” Podcast

Bridge the Gap is a podcast that focuses on local issues, global events, and new trends in the music industry. Spearheaded by a firm group of longtime friends, their mission is to expose people to as many different viewpoints and experiences as they are able to. One of the ways they do this is by showing love to local creatives and event planners.

Regularly recruiting guests who are involved in Miami’s art scene, the hosts pick the brains of South Florida’s most innovative people to inspire and encourage others to follow their lead. Recently, the group invited Miami recording artist, Anonymuz, to the platform to chat about everything from lyricism to religion. The loose structure of this podcast gives it authenticity and makes the listener feel as if they could just as easily be sitting in the same room pitching into the conversation.

The hosts of Bridge the Gap are looking to expand their platform and encourage their listeners to stay tuned as they continue to bring in a diverse variety of guests and subjects.


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“Emano Talk” Podcast

Another Miami-area talk show that centers itself around Hip hop culture is the Emano Talk Podcast, produced by Daniel Emano & Jordan Selinger. Previously known as The Createful Dead, this show typically includes an interview with a local rapper or creative, but discussions range from more than just music.

Profiling the life experiences, creative inspiration, and general background of local emcees helps listeners better understand the people behind this state’s treasured music scene. Emano keeps the conversations going with their genuine curiosity and personal relationships with whoever comes on the show. The major purpose of this podcast is to bring Hip hop back to its roots by exploring the raw artistry behind its modern form.

In addition, he provoke artists to reveal the nuts and bolts of their craft by discussing different influences, recording techniques, and hosting live performance. All Hip hop heads are encouraged to tune in to the show which is available on all major streaming platforms.


TWITTER @EmanoTalk

“Pay Up” Podcast

The Pay Up Podcast focuses on relevant issues, Hip hop culture, and anything else that the hosts feel like chatting it up about. The show is the brainchild of Jose “YoJxse” Alvarez who owns and operates Rents Due Entertainment and has been hosting parties and booking talent like Wifisfuneral and Key! since 2015.

The podcast always begins with the hosts reviewing a new track, usually rap, which breaks the ice and sets the mood for the rest of the convo. They also have weekly segments like “meet the neighbors” where the duo plays new music they felt was slept on and “the eviction notice” where Jose speaks on whatever may have pissed him off the week prior. Pay Up brings savvy social commentary to the Miami art scene and offers submission links for local and up and coming artists to send in music and get featured.

The show airs every Wednesday at 10 pm and is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and Youtube. 


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