For the Record: Ari Chi

Ari Chi is distinct; her fluidity and uniqueness are represented through the art and effort she puts into all her projects. With one of the most soulful voices we have a chance to listen to these days, she is unique in the ways that she makes her music come to life. Featured often for her videos, projects and musical direction, Ari Chi is special.

This “For the Record” interview allows old and new listeners to catch a glimpse into what experiences and thoughts influences her music today. From her oldest songs to her latest project “Lost in the Hues”, Ari allows us to understand how the diversity of her music is important to what she does. She allows audiences to feel safe and intrigued by a voice that soothes them and allows groovy, fun vibes in the process as well. “I want to be able to heal anyone who needs healing.”

Few times do artists recognize how important the music is to the spirit of the listeners. Her sounds are only tuneful examples of what she can create and the lyrics are important in resonating with the people who take the time to get to know her. From a young age, she was interested in music and made a part of her life; now she aims to make her music a part of ours. Confident in the work she does, she believes in her music and its message clearly defining the art of it. To say “Ari Chi is special” is subjective would be a lie, she is grandeur in her appearances and ways of becoming a better artist everyday as she chases her dreams with effort and passion.

An album that best describes who Ari Chi is today.
That’s tough because I haven’t written it yet

Someone you look up to for chasing their dreams.
My mom, she went back to school ten years ago and she just graduated with her doctorate.

How important was music in your life while you were growing up?Super important I always had my CD walkman and my big book of CD’s with me. Did lots of karaoke with my friends too.

Artists that influenced you the most?
Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, the fugees

Which of those would you be interested in collaborating with the most?All of them but if I had to choose probably Alicia or Lauryn 

What was your biggest source of inspiration for your latest project “Lost in the Hues”?
Diversity. I wanted to showcase my writing abilities more than anything. 

Any certain musical influences in the project?
I heard a little riri in there after the fact.

Favorite local Florida musical artists?
Ella Jet & Tommy Phenom

How do you believe Florida has influenced your musical style?
The art I surround myself has more of an influence than Florida itself. So much talent in FL when it comes to visual art. My boyfriend (Jitt Brodie) is an amazing painter & graphic designer & he’s definitely a huge inspiration

How about NY?
Nyc is just so fast pace, there’s no time to do nothing. Always doing something. 

What does being an Indie artist mean to you?
Independence. Being myself.

During your travels for shows and business, do you have a certain traveling playlist?
Definitely not. I like to switch it up all the time. 

Often wearing street style, you maintain a certain aesthetic to your music and persona. How do you believe you are perceived versus how you would really describe yourself as?
Shoutout to Muse By Pablo for always keeping me fly af. I’m very tom boy at times and then I’m also very glam at times. I do what I want when I want and I like to switch it up. Diversity is me. 

What legacy do you want your music to have?
I want to be able to heal anyone who needs healing. I want people to remember that I made music from scratch when I perform live. I want every type of person to be able to relate, not just one demographic. 


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