For the Record: Reyna Noriega

Original, genuine and progressive are the few ways to describe who Reyna Noriega is and the work that she does as well. Hailing from Miami, FL she notes to be inspired from the environment around her to create art that reflects not only her dreams but other changes we need to see in the world. Most importantly being a woman and making a voice is one of the most notable things from her art allowing her to establish a platform supportive of feminine power and energy. A woman of many talents she not only is a digital artist, Noriega educates, illustrates, photographs and works intensely hard to give back to the world in any way.

For Women’s History Month, she did a day by day challenged where she celebrated and empowered other women who also do things in their community or are growing entrepreneurs. It is always inspiring to see someone giving back to their community while respecting the history and rich culture as Noriega does with Miami. Coming from a Caribbean household it is evident to not those influences in the colors and designs of her work. Throughout the interview I had a better chance at understand why she loves what she does and how important it is to manifest your dreams in order to succeed goals.

Cultivating a healthy environment for the progression of artists and entrepreneurs, it almost inevitable to be honored to speak to someone who directs their energy towards not only good but better. That is why if there is anything that Reyna Noriega makes clear is that THE FUTURE IS FEMALE.

The Future is Female and you make that very clear in the work you do. How do you try to infuse your identity, specifically being a woman in the work you do?
Being unapologetically me! Im learning more and more everyday how to do that. By not trying to appeal to the masses, by leaning into my authenticity, using feminine themes, doing work that can advance us in some way.

What do you want people to know about the work digital artists?
It’s so much more than the art. Thats something I learn as I find as I really zone in on my skills, as I find technology that makes it easier, once the creating itself gets easier, that’s when the content gets deeper, the color palettes get refined, even in the simplest of concepts like turning someone into a cartoon, the lines and shadows you chose to display and the ones you leave out make all the difference, the line work, everything. It’s not get an iPad, and start tracing things. There are a million people doing that, if you want to stand out you have to get better, be original. 

How about female digital artists?
I love the community of female digital artists, namely illustrators and how they choose to use their platforms to advocate and educate. It’s important.

How do you hope to change the world?
By using my voice and being as loud as I can in the visual arts space, the activist space all of that. If people are listening and watching I want to educate. 

What is one thing you think all of us should do to help create that change we need to see in the world?
Well not one but I have a three step plan lol. Find yourself. That is step one! Then love more. And finally once that voice is rooted in love and self awareness, use your voice! Create. Art, businesses, opportunities. 

Is there any other artist or person who has influenced the way you go about your work?
The way I go about the business side of things, definitely. The work ethic of freelancers like Monica Ahanonu, D’ana of COVL, Laci Jordan, just really opened my eyes to the sea of opportunities, the “client” world. They all have strikingly different resumes but by watching them hustle I learn and I began to believe abundance is possible, and step one of manifesting is believing! 

Favorite female artists that you like to play while working on new art?
My favorites right now are Rosalia, Doja Cat, Nao, Asiahn, & Alina Baraz

How long ago did you start working as a digital artist?
4 years when I started teaching it.

When do you decide that this was the work you wanted to do?
Around 2 years ago when I started to see it as a tool to communicate, as I saw the power in it to get my voice out.

What throwback album takes you back to the beginning of your career?
Jhene Aiko – Souled Out. I would listen to the whole album on my way to North Miami for my Art Basel internship. Every time I hear it it takes me back to such a good time in my life.

What is the influence that Miami has in your work?
Miami influences the vibrance of the cultures I like to use and the cultures I like to represent. 

How about for yourself as an individual?
Miami is everything to me. It represents all the sides of my character. The beach for my free spirit, the city for my big dreams, the neighborhoods that are so rich with Caribbean cultures. 

A song that best fits Reyna Noriega’s personality.
Mariah Carey- Fantasy 

What does success mean to you?
Peace and financial freedom. I have some of that now, still working on the financials but having the freedom to chose to design poolside, or in my pajamas feels liberating.


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