Foundation Coffee: A Foundation in Faith Leads to Coffee Worth the Taste

There is something about coffee that brings people together. Waking up to the fresh smell of coffee is something we all live for. It creates a sense of euphoria knowing a new day has sprung; the daily fix of caffeine is soon to arrive to help get things going. For most coffee enthusiasts, you become particular on things like taste, brew strength, aromas, and so on.

Tampa is house to some of the greats in the craft coffee game. Foundation Coffee is one of the premier coffee locations and has continued to make its mark throughout the city. The dedication to quality is, as they would say it, “not a goal but a standard.”

They first crept on the scene in late 2015 and the origin story is just as unique as the coffee they brew. The wife and husband team of Jason and Emily Smith developed this idea after first creating an outdoor living based construction company. Overtime, Emily grew tired and was not as keen on the idea of being a part of a construction company. Being the kind of individual Jason is, he took this challenge and wanted to develop a way to get his loving wife involved. Together, they developed the idea of turning their outdoor living company into a coffee spot.

At first glance, the aesthetics of the original location is something not of Tampa, and provides some of the best views one could want. Not only that but the slight breeze this location provides wafts the aroma of coffee straight to your nostrils. Now that the visuals and aromas have drawn you in, the taste of what you order combined with everything else is just pure sensory overload.

Jason and Emily Smith have dedicated their time and efforts to provide Tampa with an experience that is much more than just coffee. With locations throughout the Bay Area, each provides an aesthetic unique and fitting of the specialty coffee being served. No matter what you order, you are assured it will be of the utmost quality and care that cater to all of your senses.


Riverview (the OG): 10020 Carr Rd, Riverview, FL 33569
Tampa Heights: 1607 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602
Sparkman Wharf: 815 Channelside Dr. Tampa, FL 33602

INSTAGRAM @foundationcoffeeco
FACEBOOK FoundationCoffeeCo

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