Geexella: Curating an Inclusive Future


uval native Geexella is not your typical jack-of-all-trades. As a youth-empowerment curator, singer, DJ, rapper, and all-over creative, they have used their gifts to help create safe and fun spaces in Jacksonville for people from all walks of life. They also have discovered therapeutic methods to help alleviate some strife through their expression.

Geexella’s first EP is titled “gee things” and highlights a very important time in their life. This tape speaks on a terrible hit-and-run accident they were involved in with a semi-truck. After the collision, their car flipped three times and landed upside down. In the words of Geexella, nothing happened to them by the blessings of the universe. The first line of the EP is, “They told me I wasn’t good enough for them.” This was Geexella’s coming out as unbroken, a fierce new artist ready to shake things up.

In their music and performances, Geexella speaks often on mental health and queerness, two topics that are at the forefront of today’s society. “I want folks to know that I struggle with anxiety, also social anxiety, and depression. I also deal with gender dysphoria and being black and being latinx. On top of all of that, I’m hosting queer events in the SOUTH. I just want to represent and show Jacksonville that people like me exist,” they told us in an interview. They love interacting with their audiences in all performances and seeing how they have touched the lives of others.

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“I feel very called to do the things that I do,” Geexella said. Music has always surrounded them in performing arts schools and in their free time. After attending both middle and high school at a performing arts school, they took a step back from music to discover their own individual path. They began creating original content and performing at local shows when they were in their early 20’s.

The community’s reaction was more than they could ask for. When we asked if anyone has heavily influenced their growth, Geexella told us, “Honestly, my community. I’ve been collaborating with a lot of people in my city and it’s been so amazing. They encourage me. They push me and gas me up and it’s so beautiful. I feel like they encourage my hustle and it’s helping me grow faster and making me achieve my goals.”

Another light in Geexella’s life is their producer, Willie Evans Jr. “My producer is amazing, and we have such a great working relationship. His style is super hip-hop because he is also a rapper, but he is very tuned into my vision and the sound I want,” they told us.

Part of Geexella’s message calls for the younger generation to accept and embrace everything that they are. Their love for youth empowerment and encouragement transcends each of their trades– when they are not experimenting with R&B beats and rich hip-hop flows, they work as a teacher aide for kindergarten. In the summertime, they work as a co-organizer for Girls Rock Jacksonville, a music camp for girls who are gender non-conforming and transgender youth. Some of their goals for 2019 include hosting more events for queer folks, people of color, and the youth.

“I also want to highlight more amazing artists just in Duval county alone,” Geexella continued on their goals for 2019, “and I would love to bring more awareness for women of color DJs in Florida.”

More than anything, Geexella wants to help people realize that there is nothing stopping them from doing what they love regardless of what anybody says.

“People will always have things to say, if you’re doing well or badly, so I hope to continue to use my gifts for inspiration. I would love to see more collaboration in my community! More artists just creating projects together,” they elaborated. The creative also hosts workshops for people to attend and learn about subjects ranging from self-care to queer lifestyles.

The events that are hosted by Geexella are unlike any other. “One of my friends really highlighted the fact that they love attending my events because it’s truly about dancing and not about trying to get super wasted or the people in the space judging you for wearing the clothes you wear or the brand of sneakers on your feet.” They shared, “It is truly about embracing the moment that you’re in, and I just love having folks feeling good in the spaces that I curate.”

Geexella will continue to create spaces that will uplift people from every lifestyle. “We are not alone,” they said. Especially in the current era we are in, it is important to know that we are not alone, and there are those out there doing all they can to make sure that we know that. Thank you, Geexella, for your unconditional love and passion for your people and what you do.


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