Get Your BANG BANG On!

I will never forget being a young girl and my obsession with wearing bows, beads and barrettes. I insisted on having sets that matched every outfit that my young imagination could come up with. If I was wearing yellow, I wanted yellow barrettes at the end of every braid or bows tightly wrapped around each pigtail. But who’s to say that I had to let that go once my days as a young girl were over?

The Interro Bang Bang Shop has found a way to reconnect with those precious memories of our past – specializing in creating: handmade-to-order collars, chokers, bibs, bows, barrettes and scrunchie accessory pieces. The accessories express a sleek attention to detail, highlighting their unique designs full of bold colors and playful animations.

Out of their many collections, the Interro Bang Bang collars appear to be the brand’s most popular piece. Their most recent collar, the Creature 2.0, sits on lime green fabric and is gently outlined in a deep Crayola-colored shade, accentuating thin green lines up and down around the line of the neck. Peaking out beneath the center of the collar is a green creature’s claw, which finishes off with five pointy nails to finalize the look. Yet to no surprise, my favorite accessories by the brand are the Big Baby Barrette Sets. The set is designed with five barrettes in a pack, including: three variations of bows, coming in yellow, blue and pink, purple flowers and a red teddy bear. The barrettes pattern the same attention and quality of detail as do all of the accessories within the brand, and can easily be attached onto any hairstyle.

Whether you’re looking for something cool to wear to party or just in the mood to try something new, The Interro Bang Bang Shop has something that can compliment every style of personality you have to offer.


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