GUERRIÈR “Falling for Me”

“Falling for Me” is an upbeat and rhythmic interpretation of emotions, connections and relationships. Having already being a supporter of GUERRIÈR after previously reviewing his music, some key elements that make his sound distinctive and unique solely to him are the guitar riffs, expressive drum beats and smooth expression of each lyric.

“I think she’s falling for me but I’m not prepared to receive no emotion…” The chorus is honest; a story depicting a man, who in this case is GUERRIÈR, having a girl fall in love with him, except he isn’t prepared. A different type of love ballad which represents an experience not uncommon to the life of many us.

I fell in love instantly with the vocals. It all sounded very dreamy but not pop.. Instead, a fusion of soul and high pitched choruses that were not at any point screeching, only loud and sweet. It is no surprise that GUERRIÈR was nominated for two awards last year by MIEUX. He’s impressive within his craft and he does not lack any form of rhythm.

Another element that was very important was the cover art to the song. He always seems to infuse his own style and personal logo where he shows little snippets of himself or other images with white backgrounds and what I would consider the colors of the ocean.

I love the way GUERRIÈR maintains a consistent style but never leaves listeners bored, proving that he has something new to show every time he drops music or takes the time to produce a song. 


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