Jada Banx: The Mercurial Model

It takes a lot of grit and spunk to stand out against the norm and not slide into the routine motions of what the rest of the crowd is doing. For model Jada Banx, it’s a walk in the park. Banx is a fluid muse that is capable of exploring every facet of beauty. Her prismatic flair and unapologetic distinction are Banx’s ammunition in becoming a household name for creativity.

Jada for LAPP by Xavier Luggage

Banx’s style goes beyond the simple definition of just being unique. From her clothing style, makeup, to the way she does her hair, every facet of her character is a confident motif. Her command of style explores a broad spectrum of fashion – she can master masculinity just as chiefly as she does with her own femininity. Her look is mercurial, giving her the ability to model several types of clothing, as she has done. From urban fashion, swimwear, to highbrow fashion that edges on the lines of couture, Banx’s creative virtuosity is vast.    

“The connection & the creativity is what makes a shoot fun for me.”

One of the most standout features of Banx is her hair. As it currently stands, she has a shortly cropped pixie that is very reminiscent of one of the most iconic pixie crops: Mia Farrow’s. When Farrow cut her hair, it was a quintessential moment for her career that centered the spotlight on her. Banx’s short crop does just that for her, enhancing the focus on her doll like features and giving the most accessible canvas to work with.

Photos by Aaron Dee

Banx has roots in two of the most fashionable hubs of America: Miami and New York. It’s not hard to tell that these cities have placed an impressive amount of influence on not only her style, but her work ethic as well. Hoping to work with Nike or Victoria’s Secret in the future, Banx already has a distinguished roster of creatives that she has worked with. Lapp The Brand, Rebelle by Daisy, and DOGS MIA are just a few of the brands she holds connections to. Many of the projects that she is a part of are a collaborative effort which not only enlarges her circle but gives several creatives the opportunity to explore their own artistic virtuosity through Banx’s versatility.

Banx is a person whose persona is far and few between. She is radiant and shines with an inviting opalescence that is hard to ignore. There is no ambiguity to her character – she just does what she loves and shines brightly while she does it.

-Idora Yasin


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