Jamaica Kitchen: Chinese Influence on Jamaican Classics

Miami hosts some of the best food spots on this side of the United States. The range of options are endless and it would take you many days to try it all. Just outside of South Beach in Kendall, you will find this mom and pop spot owned by Cheryl and Anson Chin. Together they bring Chinese influence into Jamaican food. Raised in Jamaica and entering into Miami to an abundance of Chinese restaurants, they went with what they knew best and dished out Jamaican dishes.

Most noteworthy of this restaurant, aside from its origins, is the inclusion of traditional Chinese dishes as well. Consider this fusion but it is a fusion from the birth of the two owners. There are options of Suey Mein which are traditional chinese noodles and even Hamchoy which are traditional Chinese mustard greens. Also, there is even an option of a whole Chinese roast chicken. The distinct options draw your attention, and they stand out amongst a variety of curry and jerk options. 

The curry dishes consist of protein pairings such as chicken, goat and the Chin’s own personal touch, oxtail. The jerk options are pretty traditional with some unique options such as jerk pork fried rice. You will also find yourself drawn to the Jamaican patties and plantains served. Lastly, the daily soup options are made from scratch and change by the day. The portions of all the options are very generous considering the price. You either get the dinner or lunch servings. You enter here with the idea of leaving full and Jamaica Kitchen delivers that and then some. 

Above all, this location represents just what Miami’s food scene has always been: a mega-mashup of cultures and the food they produce. Jamaica Kitchen is unique as there is an abundance of Chinese food spots in Miami as well as Jamiacan spots. Yet the Chin’s represent both cultures very well and it is evident with the food they are putting out. It is worth checking out and trying all the unique and traditional flavors Jamaica Kitchen has to offer.

Address: 8736 SW 72nd St., Miami, FL 33173

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