Jessy Nite: “Sun Stories” at Giralda Plaza

“Jessy Nite, a Miami-based artist of many disciplines, is spreading her creative beat throughout the world, most notably with her interactive text design and tessellating mural magic.”

Stretching almost 400 feet of color, “Sun Stories” is now on display in the courtyard at Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables. Jessy Nite’s latest large-scale installation is hosted right above our very heads. By manipulating shadows with text, she is able to use the sun to create works of art. The “Sun Stories” exhibit uses suspended words like “Tropicult” and “Magic City”, phrases, and a poem by Nite herself to (quite literally) allow the sun to tell a story about Coral Gables.

Fun Facts About Sun Stories:

by City of Coral Gables
  • Best viewing times: 10am-6pm
  • Between 8-10am the letters reflect on the street in front of Giralda Plaza
  • The text sweeps across the plaza from west to east, reacting to the rising and setting of the sun
  • The text is most legible mid day (noon/1pm)
  • You read the installation by color… each phrase is a different color
  • All of the text in red is a poem by Jessy Nite, inspired by Coral Gables and her connection to George Merrick and his mother
  • Pro tip: face the center of the plaza and take a selfie to see the overhead text in reverse!
  • There are words in Spanish and French to represent the diversity of Miami
  • The Sun Stories installation is narrated by the Sun because it is such a main character in all of the lives of people who live in South Florida

“Sun Stories” City of Coral Gables

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