Johnathan O’Gilvie “Lil 2 Small”

I don’t know if it was the rhythm or lyrics, but “Lil 2 Small” by Orlando’s Johnathan O’Gilvie is distinct and hypnotizing. It was smooth in every way. This single is the tale of true love and honesty where he talks about what he feels for a girl and how to keep her.

It’s refreshing when artists get people’s attention with true emotion because it all comes from a true story. Closing out the track and providing some contrast to Johnathan’s harmonies, Solo presents a rap verse where he tells the listener it’s time to meet and hang out with his lover. “Too small without you, can’t do without you”. Genuine and authentic, every note was tasteful and key to blending in with the song.

The enigmatic cover art also heavily influenced my interpretation of the track. In vaporwave and tropical colors, the dark image of a person and the title of the tracks helps us visually, in a distorted way, interpret the emotions within this song. As a producer and alternative R&B artist, Johnathan O’Gilvie is more than pleasing. 


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