Kaixen Releases New Music for A Month Straight

There was never any doubt that producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kaixen would end up in the music industry. Born Julian Munro, this creative was influenced by music throughout his entire life. Between seeing his name credited for production on works by the likes of Kodak Black and YoungBoy NBA and upcoming credits for Lil Wayne, watching as some of his productions hit the one-million streams mark, and working with up-and-coming rappers in Florida, Kaixen has managed to pioneer a totally unique artistic path for himself.

“I was just always around music. I picked up the guitar in the seventh grade and was obsessed with it,” Kaixen shared with us in an interview. “One of my uncles, Uncle G, worked in the industry and would take me backstage at concerts and to all these studios growing up, and plus, all of my friends were musicians. It was just something that was always in my face, so one day I got up and said ‘fuck it; I’m going to do this’.”

Growing up, if Kaixen and his friends weren’t having a huge jam session, they could be found at some of the local shows or at the mall in Sam Ash. The music they could be found listening to and jamming along with ranged from pop punk and indie bands to hip-hop to electronic music. When we asked him which artists he would most like to work with in the industry, his answer had a comparable range in Swae Lee and Diplo.

Kaixen credits much of his inspiration to his Uncle G. After finishing high school, he asked his uncle if he could get the young musician a gig with a touring band, to which his response was, “Man, just make your own music and grind.” Kaixen took that piece of advice and ran with it. Another notable figure in Kaixen’s journey is producer Tony Noriega, who showed him the ins and outs of production and how the music world actually worked.

“He really challenged me as a musician/artist/person, and I definitely wouldn’t be the same without the knowledge he gave me.” Kaixen said, speaking highly of one of his first producers.

When it comes to his production, Kaixen knows exactly what path he’s taking. “I like to be a part of the creative/writing process. The most important thing to me is to create a safe space for anyone I’m working with, so they can feel comfortable enough to open up to me. That’s how the best stuff comes out. I’ve had so many nights with artists where we just drink and chill in the studio,” Kaixen said of his creative process. “I love to have a bunch of homies in the studio because it creates a good balance of comfortability and pressure to deliver. Honestly, some of my best records have come out that way.”

Kaixen recently Tweeted that he will be dropping new music for a month straight. Taking a step back from oversaturated rap beats that have flooded our music timelines, he will be pursuing a more up-tempo and slightly jazz-influenced production style for his upcoming releases.

“Ye ain’t the only one who can release a project a week for a month straight I can keep up too, @kanyewest” Kaixen Tweeted before sharing his schedule of projects. Gaby G’s next project will be released on November 22nd, produced by Kaixen, with his own solo EP dropping a week later. SDotBraddy’s album “WILDPHIRE” drops on December 7th, Caleb Kai has a project dropping a week after that, both produced by Kaixen, and he plans on ending the year with a secret collaboration drop on December 21st.

As more and more of his dreams are turning into reality before his eyes, Kaixen shared that some of his goals for the upcoming year are to work with bigger artists and thinking about the possibility of touring.

“Right now, my main goal is to put out music with as many artists as I can that I genuinely believe in. Eventually I’d love to help develop and sign artists, but right now, I’m focused on the music.” Kaixen told us, also mentioning that signing a publishing deal is a big goal for 2019.

To keep up with Kaixen’s rapid music releases for the rest of the year, follow him on Twitter @lemonadeplayboy and on Spotify at

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