Kin. presents “We Are Kin.”

More than an EP, “We Are Kin.” is an immersive experience that will leave you wondering exactly how many versions of us live inside our minds and which one’s really got the mic.

Tampa based rapper Kin. has created a lane entirely his own with his latest project, “We Are Kin.” A journey being told through three unique perspectives, the EP is a collaborative effort between Big Body, Han Dolo, and Lil emptydreams. With all three entities making up the artist that is Kin., we get a glimpse into the trenches of the creative’s mind.

Opening up with “Big Body,” you’re immediately strapped in and on a ride to hell and back. Aggressive, unapologetic, and coming for what’s rightfully his, Big Body has no problems telling you to make room. He’s a fiend for the green, and you can tell he’s ravenous for the recognition he deserves. He’ll sleep when he’s dead and die when he gets killed.

Han Dolo gets to put in his two cents on his self titled track, coming in equally tenacious to claim the throne. He’s got a much more “see you when I see you” approach in comparison to Big Body, but the hunger is still there.

What’s the most equally insane as it is impressive is how distinctive each character Kin. plays really sounds. You can effortlessly hear where one ends and where the next begins, making it all the more intricate. 

“All Might!” serves as a Lil emptydreams’ moment to shine, and it actually might be the album’s secret star-child. It’s gentle, dreamy, and a moment to pause and reflect on the insane ride that is this EP.

The rest of the project is a product of the combination of the three, with “Luci” standing out as a lyrically powerful outcry of angst and misconduct. His flow is almost impossible to keep up with, making his delivery all the more grand. Featuring fellow Tampa native YZM on the track “Long Sigh,” the lyricists leave a trail of lyrical gems that you might continue collecting with every playback. 

A certified successful rebranding, he’s got big plans and one can only assume they’ll be even more mind-altering and idiosyncratic than what he’s gifted the world already. His name is Kin., and you’d be better off not forgetting the period.


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