Koi Kurama presents “Under the Midnight Sun”

Under the Midnight Sun is soft, personal and unique. From Broward County, Koi Kurama’s entire EP is 14 minutes long and has five tracks all succinct with her personalized sound. “What Is Love” introduces the soft, melodic voice of this artist as the first track on the EP. I was intrigued with the contemplation of the track and message about questioning feelings and ones own personal point in life. Definitely a great song to start the EP off with because of the forcefulness of emotion and show of voice manipulation. Following is “Under the Stars” a personal favorite for me that speaks with honesty and its steady mood aligns with melodic flow of the EP.

It was distinct and her chorus, as well as continuation of the beat, was aligning well with everything she was saying. Kurama’s voice sounds like the wind with a soft, natural sway and intriguing mystery which she exemplifies perfectly with the third track, “Never Gone”. It is an anthem of getting past trials and tribulations and holding down the destiny one has with positivity and strength. It was this song that made me notice that this EP is special; she is honest and you can tell it was made with all heart and emotion.

Nothing was really being left out when she took the time to explain her purpose and in quick tones, she keeps that sweet flow that helps anyone focus and feel better. “Catch Me”, the fourth song, is the perfect cherry on top. She speaks of her self worth and her emotions about someone because she seeks to not be dependent and be her own person. While “Work It Out” closes all the messages and guidances of the emotions being mentioned, I think it was perfect in keeping the mood of “Under the Midnight Sun” and its uniqueness, as well finishing what this artist started and with perfection. 


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