Komodo Dragon “Wishy Washy”

Emerging Lauderhill FL artist, Komodo Dragon takes over Dancehall with his latest single “Wishy Washy”. Jamaican born and now residing in South Florida, Komodo Dragon’s sound is a vibrant twist on American rap and hip-hop. Though “Wishy Washy” is only the second release to date, Komodo displays his versatility through his Dancehall-infused bop. The song is about a lost love that faded because they wanted all the wrong things from him and the shadiness that put the nail in the coffin. Hopping from rapping to the Dancehall hook, Komodo does not miss a step and flows briskly through each transition defining the harmony between the two genres. To give you an idea of how it sounds, just think of a cross between early Ye and the Dancehall King, Beanie man.

“Wishy Washy” is a great single to start his catalog with for the simple fact that he proceed with future songs in all directions. Fun Fact: Komodo Dragon is currently a professional Futbol player for the Colorado Spring Switchbacks and the Guam National Team (lets just say he is one of the few athletes with good music). Listen to “Wishy Washy” by Komodo Dragon here and be sure to follow up on SoundCloud and across all platforms.


INSTAGRAM @komododragonite

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