Lina Reign “Risk” Produced by Justin Wiggins

With a striking tone and sweet voice, “Risk” is an enchanting manifestation of emotions by Lina Reign. A single for her upcoming EP, this song is an interesting univocal of feelings where she tells the story of giving her love in return for receiving attention, care, “the world and above”.

The song reflects the beginning of the love story to how they got to where they are now – feelings which they had never felt before. As a singer and songwriter hailing from Miami of Latino descent, specifically Puerto Rican and Dominican, she intertwines her vocals and feelings with the beauty of music and emotion. The soft instrumental, produced by Justin Wiggins, was impressive and matched the voice range she held, not too high or low. Definitely giving many genuine R&B sounds, it was interesting to see that low-key mix of pop in between.

In my opinion, “Risk” was the perfect selection for a single release; its honesty and delightful sound was literally “music to my ears”. I’m certain everyone that hears this song will agree.


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