Lofty305 presents “Posh Ectoplasm Vol. 4

Miami has an abundance of true legends in the city. Much like Uncle Luke set the tone for artists like Trick Daddy, who then forged a path for Rick Ross who than opened the mainstream and the underground to all the art that Miami had to offer, Lofty was a part of his own trailblazing when he was a founding member of Metro Zu, a group who had as much talent as they did controversy surrounding them.

Lofty however, never let the headlines, hashtags or any negative energy stop his creative talent from continuing to blossom which he proves with this 10 track offering of production meant to be nothing more than a sonic movement of the mind. I’ve noticed an abundance of instrumental albums that come out today try to do too much, like the artist is trying to prove they can cram as many sounds into a track as possible and I realize some people may like that, but there’s something about mastering simplicity of blending the exact instruments that pair well together then adding background vocals and samples that compliment them and give a vibe as if these songs each had a full array of lyrics to go with them.

“Beloved” is probably my favorite on this collection if I had to pick one, it’s a song I could easily hear someone like Robb Bank$ rapping over yet it also stands out perfectly on its own, the sample is ghostly and the bass is cranked. “Power Song” is another standout that if you listen to under the right influences can take you on a trip you won’t want to return from. Thanks for continuing to bless us Lofty, we appreciate this one.


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