Louis Junior “In My Mind” Directed by Louis Meschino

With the video having dropped almost less than a month ago, “In My Mind” was enthralling, mesmerizing, and introspective. Immediately, a thrilling, almost frightening high shrilling sound initiates the video where a soft, purple, art filled room is shown. The camera slowly pans all the way down vertically as the title “In My Mind” flashes onto the screen where a scene of three men sitting on a couch, with a bunch of red solo cups in front of them as they sit drinking and laughing. In the middle is Louis Junior, dazed and confused into looking into his cup as the camera zooms into him and spins into another scene where he stumbles into the camera playing a game in which seems like an arcade, while smoking a broken cigarette.

This Tampa artist resembles the look of Jimi Hendrix, with a deep Kid Cudi voice as the chorus repeats…”talking shit because I been drinking.” Produced by MEGAPICKLES, the track is wavy, slow, and shrewd. The silky purple tone matches the theme of the lyrics. He speaks his mind about where is in life. Being free is subject to your own perspective about what it means and how you feel, his truthfulness reminds me of Mr. Rager vibes. His deep voice highlights the mood of the song as he stumbles across the screen in a bloodstained shirt speaking his truth, “…don’t believe in time, I believe in me. Mentally I’m free where I wanna be.” The way he slowly carries the song and continues to move forward only exemplifies the idea of his song.

If anything, the most intriguing part is at the end of the video, where the camera spins once more into a scene of him being tackled on a cop car in the midst of being arrested, the chorus ringing through his stupefied expression. Shot, edited, and directed by Louis Meschino, it was definitely an intriguing and captivating video that caught the primordial idea of theme of the song, and the sentiment of being in your own world, living at your own pace, and understanding it all. 


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