L.O.V.E Culture “Affirmation” Directed by Weighed Sailor

Searching for someone you can trust completely and be happy with can be one of the most difficult things in life to do. Shining a spotlight down on a single track from their debut mixtape, rap group L.O.V.E Culture chronicles this dilemma when gone awry in their music video for “Affirmation.”

The story unraveled over the 8 minute video is one of a man seeking for affirmation from his lover to solidify their bond. Lyrics turn dark and bold as if they were being read from a poetic and hand-fistedly written suicide note, depicting an argument between the couple as if this questioning of loyalty turned our protagonist’s life upside down. Several men in the video are even seen covered in blood, scouring through journals, and even donning a noose while the phrase “but I’m stuck with a wrist full of slits,” juts out at you. A woman’s soft voice singing the chorus reinforces the pleas for affirmation, helping to contrast the darker tones of the verses. A serious yet lush and soothing story, Affirmation stands out for its deep lyrical themes and artistic music video direction.

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