Lrk Chronicle featuring Bain “Ready or Not”

“Ready Or Not” by North Florida’s LRK Chronicle is a combination of the many sounds which remind me of old Kanye west and Frank Ocean rapping. I have a soft spot for songs that have introduction samples because of the way they have an opportunity of beginning a song with more force. The song was a call of success, pursuance of dreams and truth.

The bars were efficient, they did not lack any type of emotion and instead, were steady flowed with no long pauses or fast lyrics. If anything, I loved the way LRK Chronicle maintained a steady tone. His chorus, too, was not even off the pitch and the entire song sounded like a freestyle; real and from the heart. “Look at I, I’m deserving all the praise. Look at my eyes you get blinded by the rays… Better act like Sandra Bullock when I pull the bullet from the waist.” The chorus was intense. Not knowing this artist, I am convinced the entire track was a full form manifestation of real rap.

Sitting under four minutes the song was not boring. Many times, longer songs become monotonous but this one had so much energy that it was hard not to replay and is one that would be perfect for a long car ride, workout playlist or just hype music. The feature by Bain was also amazing, he did not lack any flow and kept the song going with his raw voice.

I enjoy how many artists, and especially Florida-based ones, have their personal way of showing craft when it comes to music and in this track, it’s very recognizable that the musical strength this artist has. This song leaves anyone wanting more as a definite addition to our SoundCloud library. 


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