Luna del Sur: Full Female ‘Tudes

Florida-raised filmmaker and illustrator, Agustina Luna Bonaventura (a.k.a. Luna del Sur), is populating your feed with women who look like they might want to kiss you and bite your head off at the same time. She’s an artist who playfully illustrates the spark of bitterness that flickers quietly within every woman. Luna’s all-female cast of characters gives us plenty of eye-rolling alter egos to choose from.

Her work, “inspired by early rave culture, punk girls and bitter sensitivity,” takes on a fresh outlook on a subculture of personalities. We see women smirking while biting a lip, and we see women rolling their eyes in boredom and disdain. The individual emotion varies slightly, but the overall theme remains focused on the quiet emotions that are felt but not so openly shown. Social norms do not plague Luna’s women, as they are free to dress and feel however they want (lucky them!).

Her artistic style is wonderfully distinct, fresh and not over-worked. Her portraits are relatively simplified in terms of color, usually working with a limited palette or overall refined color scheme. This is a visually enjoyable approach, as it lets the character stand strong as the focal point. One illustration, titled “Feelin’ Myself,” shows a woman rolling her eyes and sticking her tongue out, the words “feelin’ myself” pasted on her forehead. She is painted in grayscale, with a selective few attributes painted in pink. Luna’s careful color choice adds to the overall emotion and importance of the piece because she lets only a few things stand out for attention.

Luna’s body of work is a cohesive collection of visually appealing portraits and ultimately relatable sentiments. Her ability to illustrate exactly what many of us are thinking and feeling is delightfully satisfying and cathartic. You’ll certainly find a little piece of yourself in Luna’s ladies.


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