Macy Kober: Enlightened by the Sun

The beautiful Macy Sun Kober is well-known for her modeling and artistic vision on Instagram, but she has so much more up her sleeve.

While some describe her as a doer, there’s no way to box Macy into any one label. She has managed artists and been elected creative director of many shoots, her unique voice providing a fresh perspective. Macy represents and amplifies the voice of communities such as women and artists whose voices may not be as audible as others’ in today’s society.

Macy finds value and joy in genuinely caring for humanity and helping the world itself. She dedicates much of her time to volunteering and giving back in any way she can. Having worked as an event curator, she uses her position to ensure the clarity of the messages shared by the events.

Photos by Mari Sabra Photography

“I spend a great deal of time curating current events, trimming the bullshit, and making things more digestible for others. Knowledge is power, and I want my generation to know what is going on in the world.” She said.

Macy was even presented with the “Best Muse (and News)” award at the Best of the Bay awards due to her frequent discussions of current world events. The Best of the Bay awards are presented by Creative Loafing, a Tampa Bay arts and culture magazine.

“Knowledge is power, and I want my generation to know what is going on in the world.”

Born into a family of artists, the Tampa native grew up with art woven throughout her entire life. There’s no questioning a gift that comes so naturally to a person.

As well as being blessed by her parents’ creativity, Macy credits her giving nature to her mother. “I see myself as a morally driven person. This is something my mother raised me to be.” She shared.

Photos by Kay Pots

One of Macy’s biggest sources of inspiration is her mother: “My mother was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea; which I believe has a lot to do with who I am as a person. She has always kept me in touch with my roots, is true to herself and others, and is one of the biggest badasses I’ve ever met.”

The creative’s work is also influenced by the simple complexities of life, the conversations held and heard, and all of the things around her.

The twenty-three-year-old’s favorite project thus far is the snake shoot done in collaboration with Mari Sabra Photography, hair stylist David Matthew, and makeup artist Amanda Justice. Featuring brightly-tinted contact lenses and mother Medusa vibes, the photo set is strikingly powerful.

As for future plans, Macy has plenty happening under construction. While she can’t speak on them completely, she hinted that one is music related and the other is for the people.

Macy has her eyes set on a goal of making a difference in the world while empowering women on an even larger scale than done before. If this incomparable creative keeps working with the same drive she’s proven to possess, there’s no stopping her.


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