MARLOUNSLY “Sensation” Produced by Thomascrager

Marlounsly comes at us with smooth vocals and lyrics that bring us to another dimension. “Sensation” is a dreamy track about the feelings we get when we’re with someone who we care about. In the track, Marlounsly expresses how a certain person in her life makes her want to try for something more.

“You made me wanna try” is the main lyric throughout the song. Marlounsly is deeply connected to this person and has been affected by them in a positive way. The lyrics, “I can see the hurt in your eyes” shows that Marlounsly is there for her significant other and wants to lift them up to a better place. Coming from a hard place herself, Marlounsly knows what kind of work it takes to be successful.

Marlounsly comes from Haiti and learned English by remembering songs on the radio. Throughout growing up Marlounsly stayed in chorus and began writing her own music. Her intimate and polished lyrics capture her audience along with her angelic voice, making her an immediate hit.

Marlounsly released her first breakthrough single “Therapeutic” in June 2016 and before Sensation, her track “Songbird” surpassed previous records. Her debut project “Naturally Bad” will be coming out soon. “Sensation” is just the beginning of a successful career for Marlounsly.


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