Mayo Melz: Your Guide Into the Great Unknown

Mayo Melz, a Miami-based painter, is tired of gazing upon the ordinary. She’s taking creativity to new heights with her bold paintings of beautiful alien women and swirly space scenes. Feeling like a more exciting take on illustration, Melz is giving you everything you dreamed and much more with her other-worldly work of decadence.

Vibrant hues and saturated paint application make up Melz body of work, which is everything but ordinary, and honestly, not particularly easy to describe. Each piece is originally unique, but all have a red thread of an out-of-this-world vibe. From busty broads exploring intergalactic scenes, to skeletons drinking a soda saying, “I used to feel so alive,” Melz body of work takes each viewer on a visual adventure that’s exciting and a decadent feast for the eyes.

With subjects so uncommon, it’s only natural that the mediums used to portray them be such as well. Melz uses a variable number of materials to create her works, taking ‘multi-media’ to a whole new planet. One painting, called “Thread of Life,” shows a beautiful, but rather sad-looking horned woman entangled in a red thread amongst cotton-candy clouds and a crescent moon. The painting is delightfully ethereal and simultaneously crisp with great design aspects. Her mediums for this particular painting are watercolor, acrylic marker, acrylic paint and pen. The application of such a variety of mediums gives the piece an interesting contrast; soft pastel hues of her dress swooping across the composition in front of an endless black galaxy and bright yellow moon.

Melz is venturing out into space with her delightfully curious subjects and adventurous use of multi-media. Indulging in a scroll through her Instagram will take you on a tour through her imagination and straight out of this world.


INSTAGRAM @mayomelz

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