Money Making Wize “6 Rings” Directed by Amfilmakers

In Miami, a place where creativity is flourishing, it can be impossible to resist investing in some sort of creative venture. This is the vibe surrounding the Making Money Wize’s newest video, “6 Rings.”

Shot by Amfilmakers, the visual depicts Wize at a basketball court, decked out in Jordan gear, and getting in some shots in under a hot, Floridian sun. The emcee talks on getting money, putting in work, and getting “6 rings,” which is how he’s measuring his success in this new industry. His cadence is evenly paced and doesn’t try to be too quick or in the pocket, which makes the song more of a hype and energetic track. But as he navigates the court, the artist radiates a tremendous energy that would hype-up any team before a big game.

The video itself utilizes some special effects editing, but doesn’t try to reinvent the classic basketball court aesthetics. Wize is shot sitting on the rim, standing on the bleachers, and spitting from center court with the confidence of an all-star athlete. The filmmaker also cuts in and out of vintage shots depicting Michael Jordan in his prime to further hype up the emcee, who’s truly channeling his swag.

Making Money Wize has music streaming on all major platforms and his video for “6 Rings” is currently available on YouTube. Go check out his recent projects and spread some love to Miami’s inclusive and all-encompassing rap scene.


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