Mr. Alexis presents “Enterprise”

“Enterprise” is the latest beat tape from Miami producer Mr. Alexis. These tracks, just as the tape’s name suggests, are very spacey and wavy hip-hop records that have an abstract and experimental vibe.

The best example of this concept is on the one-and-a-half-minute long track “rancor.” The song features a wide array of sounds and rhythms which feel like something out of an 80s sci-fi film. The synth stabs and interestingly unique pads are unconventional, but nevertheless appealing to the ear. That track is the least hip-hop sounding song in the mixtape, while the other tracks feature more orthodox elements of the genre.

“Pork rinds” and “after midnight” are both more jazz-influenced records with a more hip-hop sounding beat pattern. “Pork rinds” especially sounds like a soulful jazz beat that an artist like Wiz Khalifa or Curren$y would ride to perfection.

While I enjoyed each of the beats produced in this short mixtape, it’s hard to pinpoint what Mr. Alexis’s sound truly is. He bounces around from sound to sound and blends genres so often that it can’t be nailed down. The hip-hop influence shows underneath all of the tracks, but Mr. Alexis could surely succeed in other genres and even as a composer for various movies. Each of his beats painted a picture of a different scene in my head, making him a great fit for making music for television or film.

The talent Mr. Alexis shows within his work is unrivaled, and it’s an exciting future for the Miami producer.


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