NiceyMost featuring MAVE “Good” Produced by Saiko & Camro

Nicey Most continues his reign on Mieux Mag with the first of many new releases, “Good” featuring Mave. In his most recent interview with us, he speaks about meeting Orlando creatives that inspire him. “Watching creatives I respect, go through the same motions as me and be extremely talented calls for this steel sharpens steel kind of thing.” So when we saw that one of O-town’s heavy-hitters was featured on his new track, we had high expectations.

And to no surprise, his rhymes flow effortlessly. Reminiscent of hot butter, they drip over the smooth instrumental produced by Saiko & Camro. The harmonies are perfectly matched with the cadences of the two rappers.

Don’t let the jazzy beat get you confused, Nicey Most is standing on his own two and letting you know that all of the talking you’re doing doesn’t phase him or scare him in the least bit. You know what they say; they say the loudest person in the room is usually the weakest. “Kings never rush, keep it all on hush. But still kill for the crown when n****s will come for it.”

The “Shook Ones” reference by Mave goes hand in hand with the track’s message. All that talking sounds good, until it comes down to it but Nicey Most and Mave are here to prove that you’re not a crook son, just a shook one.


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