Nickname Zine: A Little Book With a Lot of Heart

Question: What do you get when an artist and a writer become best friends? Answer: An awesomely creative zine called Nickname. Jacksonville gals Aysha Miskin and Hurley Winkler, artist and writer respectively, collide their skills to compose a zine that addresses many of the basic human curiosities; visual hunger, life-impacting conversations, and laughter.

So far the pair has produced three issues of Nickname, all represented and sold in bookstores across the country as well as their online store. Their work is a collaborative brainchild that features relevant writing and though-provoking discussions by Winkler, and bold, illustrative art approaches by Miskin. Drawings of what feels certainly not identical, but perhaps reminiscent, of mid-century illustration fill the zine, accompanied by colorful collages with hand-drawn detail. This zine is as visually appealing as it is intellectually.

Hurley writes to create, inspire and relate. With statements like, “Bad days are productive, they remind us that there’s still work to do,” she elicits a sigh of relatable relief. The pair has a soft focus on feminism, which is evident throughout the zine and particularly Miskin’s work. She effortlessly illustrates the women figure in her very unique style that’s both liberated and timeless. You’ll see a lot of large lips, elongated legs and big hair, with line work that’s confident and precise.

Perusing Nickname Zine’s Instagram account will give you a peek into the process of this dynamic duo. Miskin’s drawings, carefully cut out, waiting to be layered in a creative collage and Winkler’s intuitive thoughts, jotted down in a notebook, waiting to be shared. This cool little production is a handheld picture book that’s illustrates the pleasures of collaboration. These two girl bosses are meshing their worlds of creation to share their honest thoughts and associated illustrations with the world, and for that we are thankful.

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