Pop Goes the Waffle: Off to a Waffle Good Start

Typically when one thinks of waffles, they consider the frozen ones left in the freezer for too long and the traditional Belgian waffle. This food spot is changing what we know about waffles and shows us new ways to enjoy them.

From her early days in South Carolina, chef and owner, Sara Fludd, had a
deep love for waffles, specifically Eggo waffles.  This obsession would
eventually lead to Pop Goes the Waffle. This new concept is changing the way we enjoy waffles. They produce Liege waffles, which are crispier and lighter than a traditional Belgian waffle. Pop Goes the Waffle is based out of the Greater Bay Area and St. Petersburg. They feature catering to various events and offer some fun style waffles; even waffles on a stick.

They have been featured in Kawha coffee shops and rivals the typical donut coffee combo. This sort of idea is one that has found a great amount of support and that is impart due to its simplicity. A simple idea turned into a tasty treat. The choice of treat can be decided between a waffle on a stick and a bar of waffle ranging in size. There is a decent amount of sweet and savory toppings to pair with them too. There is even a gluten free and vegan friendly option of waffle, making this truly a treat to be enjoyed by anyone.

Chef Sara was kind enough to share details on the next steps of Pop Goes the Waffle. There is a food truck in the works which is close to rolling out. This will allow her to better serve the area and bring these delightful snacks to more people. She shares a deep passion for what she does. She takes the orders, cranks them out by hand and delivers them personally. This sort of strategy is the making of something great.

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