Rowtch presents “Dead Weight”

Rowtch’s latest mixtape “Dead Weight” is a showcase for the pure rap ability that the artist brings to the table. Each track is full of energy and excitement, making the listener eager to hear more. Rowtch clearly has a new school style to his tracks. However, he still remains a lyrical talent over his mostly heavy, distorted trap beats. The songs “HEAD FIRST” and “SHITFUCKSHIT” are completely blown out and electric. I can only imagine what kind of stage presence Rowtch has during his live performances, but if it is anything close to the energy crammed into these tracks, it must be absolutely insane.

While the majority of tracks on “Dead Weight” are like the aforementioned trap records, Rowtch still shows an impressive amount of versatility and diversity. One of the best songs on the tape is “ALLBAD”, where Rowtch spits over a slightly less explosive beat, leaving extra sonic room for him to exhibit his skillset. A lot of artists these days rely heavily on their production and beats, but I found it refreshing to hear Rowtch actually flow and ride the rhythm. The high-adrenaline, rager tracks on this mixtape are fun, but I love that Rowtch used a few songs to let audiences know that he has some substance behind his lyrics.

There’s a ton of potential shown in “Dead Weight.” I’m excited to see what comes next from Rowtch, given his talents and charisma as an artist. It’s difficult for many artists to cram so much passion and liveliness into their songs, but for Rowtch it seems to come naturally.


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