Ryahn “SAD BOY” Produced by Benamin and Ryahn

The drums slowly take off in a very rhythmic beat. Her voice echoes beautifully through the speakers of my computer and instantly, “SAD BOY” proves to show the range and talent of artist Ryahn. Originally hailing from Broward County, her influences are a result of many of her childhood family traditions and teachings. Her music reflects the soulful message of a person who adores music for what it is, and what it can be. “SAD BOY” is the main single off her new EP, “Light Blue” which drops on September 13th.

“And I don’t care who sees this, right now I don’t exist with my baby in another realm…” Relatively simple and effortless, Ryahn’s voice rides the instrumental of this song beautifully. Produced between her and producer Benamin, who also took a part in producing “Anything You Want” earlier this year; the calm guitar riffs and soft drum beats highlight the power of her voice to smoothly carry the words across the beat, elongating the chorus for more emotional pull. On her Instagram page, the artist provided a small description to this cautionary tale of emotion; “I wrote this song about feelings I’ve had to face, when coming to terms with the impermanence of love and sweet moments in general…” It’s a sweet but honest message and I loved how the lyrics definitely allowed for one to relate to the honest truth of many relationships.

This song is meant to be played on those slow nights after a shift at work. It is meant to sit in your playlists and never be skipped once shuffle throws it in. Her passionate voice and stirring lyrics are definitely bound to keep people hooked, and I suggest everyone checks Ryahn out. 



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