Sarah Glass: Clay Magician

Picture this— perfectly spun shiny wet clay, growing toward the sky between two slip-covered hands and vintage 80s earrings dangling above it all. You’re probably watching ceramic artist Sarah Glass (a name certainly apropos to her artistic field) throw vessels in her Lake Worth backyard. Her pieces are classical in design and function, yet exciting and modern in minimalist design. Glass is whipping up vases for your flowery fancy, and cups for your caffeine or alcohol preference. She’s also building those currently trending big noodle bowls, succulent pots of varying size, and fun-size ring holders with a cactus sprouting out.

Much of her body of work includes bright and beachy versions of teal, some pieces showing a glassy aqua glaze cascading down the inside of the vessel – feeling so much like the ocean water of her Palm Beach County home. Another common Glass glazing technique is her ice cream sundae sprinkle-like design. Short strokes of color, randomly oriented all over the piece (sometimes in all three primary colors) is certainly reminiscent of the colorful and repetitive patterns demonstrated on a waffle cone filled with melting sweet cream. Glass also decorates her pieces with the trending heavy-lashed eyes that seem to be winking at us from all creative directions. If you haven’t seen them yet (which I highly doubt) you’ll be pleasantly satisfied by their presence on Glass’ pieces.

Glass is also sharing her heavily-handed skills with her neighbors. She teaches hand building and wheel throwing workshops to all skill levels, including children. There’s something so satisfying about watching a dead lump of clay be conjured to life through subtle hand movements and a few tools (sounds like a kind of magic spell to me). Glass has mastered her magic spell of clay manipulating, and we are certainly enjoying the benefits.


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