Savannah Cristina & Her “Florida Boy”

They say never trust someone with two first names, but if you’re looking to have your ears and your brain soothed and paraded with a soulful voice so sweet you won’t want to speak…trust Savannah Cristina. Like many great artists Savannah views herself and her art as one in the same, using her birth name to catapult the real her across every note she sings. Savannah says it allows her to be viewed as that friend who makes music. “In my mind I feel like I’ve had a personal convo with everyone who’s heard my music” she says. It took her some time to realize that music was her true calling but writing has been in her DNA for some time as she has been a poet for years. So it was no surprise that when she burst onto the scene in 2016 it was both her voice and her lyrics that captured her an audience, lacing her own words to popular songs, most notably turning PartyNextDoor’s “Come and See Me” into her rendition titled “Spend It On Me”.

As of late, Savannah has thrusted onto the airwaves of both the internet and even South Florida radio with her smash single “Florida Boy”. Anyone who grew up in South Florida knows the jook/stick movement is a massive part of the culture and this single truly emulates the spirit in a way only a local Floridian can do (nice try Drake, “To The Max” was cool but we’ve got Savannah). This jook movement started with the likes of Grind Mode and Ball Greezy back in the early 2000’s and soon Picallo and Ice Berg were speeding up there songs to keep the dance craze going. “Florida Boy” is an ode, but also a welcome update to the movement that finds its home far from South Beach, and closer to Opa Locka and Carol City. “I just want my song on that list for my future son or daughter to f**k it up to in the club” says Savannah, and for those unfamiliar that term is part of the dance. The song has sparked a social media dance challenge, one of which the likes of my two left feet will safely enjoy from my phone screen but I encourage you to participate in.

Savannah is not alone in her journey, entrusting a small group to assist her in each aspect of her musical career. Akeem of TheNuMiami is her main partner, a man who is constantly finding ways to get ahead of the curve when it comes to ways of releasing music and is also a phenomenal engineer. When she’s not in class, working her day job, or doing homework, she’s in the studio taking little time off from her craft and constantly enjoying the hard work that comes with the music game. She’s worked with a plethora of producers, JahrahMF, Kaixen, Blvvk, Wyx Watson and more to create a unique sound with each record she makes and her live performances are accompanied by Essau, a pianist whom my ears can tell you is absolutely incredible.

We may not be all be able to relate to the life of an artist but Savannah wants us to know she puts in work, and despite being an ordinary citizen, it’s that work ethic that separates her from just any other good voice out there. She puts her heart and soul into her music and truly wants to connect to her listeners. “I’m the friend with all the advice” she says “I just want my music to improve other people’s quality of life by sharing the lessons I’ve learned”. What more can you ask for in an artist?
Twitter: @saveannah
Instagram: @Savannah.Cristina

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