Seadizzle “I Get The Money” Directed by X VMP_Video

Directed by X VMP_Video, 17-year-old Seadizzle introduces himself as one of Tampa’s newest musical artists. With a small panning clip of the Tampa skyline, the beat comes in accompanying a portrait clip of Seadizzle. With bright red hair, he presents himself with bands of money smiling towards the camera. “I take the money and leave, I work hard to achieve, pull up fast to the place make it hard to believe,” are the introduction lyrics that blast through the speakers of the computer.

It is interesting to note how the will and want to achieve dreams makes nothing impossible; proclaiming versatility this young artist not only raps but does comedy and singing as well. With a concept, the video revolves him and the lyrics of making money and doing well in Tampa. It was definitely very nice to see how he many of the scenes were in front of the red, lettering outline Tampa sign with what seemed to be friends, relatives and young children. Embodying a humble appearance, Seadizzle does not seem to use more than the resources around him to portray his message. Incorporating the already known and hometown qualities only emphasize how large the Tampa scene is getting.

Rappers like Seadizzle are out there repping their hometowns and making a name through the use of good artistry and sincerity. When it comes to the song itself, the tempo of the song itself matched very well with the pace of the video transitions, the beats almost in synchronization with the soft sunset and clear night. Beginning to rap in honor of his cousin local Tampa Nina Ross Da Boss whom recently passed. All his lyrics are clean and only shows music does not have to be in certain paradigms to fit the standards of what is good and what is not.


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