SNDNGCHLLZ Presents “Ribcage”

SNDNGCHLLZ is known for his extremely experimental sound, hitting every genre from R&B to grunge and everything in between over his extensive discography. His latest effort, “Ribcage” is another plunge into his many voices. If you were looking for another “Poison,” you won’t find that sound here. But what you will find is the perfect backdrop for a dark and steamy night, but it becomes so much more than that. This album is graphic and cinematic. It feels like I’m listening to the score of the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (the American version). SNDNGCHLLZ gives off a vibe resembling the cool guy at a goth club on Halloween, but he’s not in a costume because he really is Dracula! Sonically, the production is grand. It’s loud and Earth shattering as strings and synths blend with the deep bass, sounding natural and electronic all at once. My favorite part of the instrumentation actually comes from SNDNGCHLLZ’s voice itself. I’m not sure if it’s the massive amount of self taught vocal performance under his belt or if it’s a happy accident, but each note sung is unique and seems to be crafted specifically to blend perfectly into the production. With subject matter varying from self-inflicted pain, love, and S&M sex, there’s a lot to unpack in this album. “Bruises” is a standout track for me, detailing the pleasure we all get from the things in life that aren’t any good for us. He begs for more and more choking, knowing neither the pain nor the love will last forever. Take what you will from this 6 track EP, but it’s phenomenal if you’re in the right state of mind. I strongly recommend having a partner around as you listen and who knows, maybe you two will find yourself begging for more.


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