Snobachi: Rolling into the Future of Ice Cream

Owner and founder of Snobachi, Jonathan “Jay” Andujar had an experience where he wanted a very specific flavor of ice cream. Most shops either did not have it, or they had flavors only similar to what he was looking for. This prompted the thought of a concept where patrons create their own flavors based off of their exact cravings. Inspired by the street food trend in Southeast Asia, Chef Andujar and team began their version of rolled ice cream.

Rolled ice cream uses a sweet milk base on a negative degree flat top. The base then pairs with various fruitful and sweet counterparts. The workers then chop and scrape the base until it begins to hold up. It is then flattened out, rolled and placed in a cup. Typically, the ingredients used can also be used as toppings to finish everything off.

Snobachi comprises of both “Sno” and “Bachi”, and takes each sense of the word into account in creating these treats. The whole experience is sort of theatrical- similar to what you would see in a hibachi style restaurant. They also offer another theatrical treat in the form of liquid nitrogen bites. This emulates the sensation of breathing like a dragon, as Snobachi would describe it.

Founded back in 2016, it was one of the predecessors of the rolled ice cream trend in the Tampa Bay area. The team at Snobachi has put together a menu dedicated to all sorts of sweet tooth desirables ever since. They have a list of curated options that should not go overlooked. The Bori Roll is worth mentioning as it is the perfect treat for any peanut butter lover. The Get S’Mored is another decadent combination to choose.

Creating your own options is always the best of course as it provides patrons the opportunity of catering to very specific taste buds. There are vegan vanilla bases as well as the typical flavors you would find in ice cream. Tons of toppings, fresh fruit from local farmers markets, sauces, and nuts all compressed together. No matter the cravings, Snobachi provides.

Their dedication to service and welcoming attitude make for a truly great treat.

Address: 2206 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

INSTAGRAM @snobachi

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